I scan 35mm negatives at a low price to help pay for the equipment and running costs. Some people also hire the use of the scanning lab equipment to do their own scanning. I am based in Amsterdam Oost and serve customers within the Netherlands. Sample scans below.

How this works:

  1. Decide on how much film you need scanning (35mm only).
  2. Click on and pay for however many rolls you need scanning and select the resolution you prefer.
  3. Include negative returns if you want them back.
  4. Checkout and then send your negatives to the address supplied in the email.
  5. Receive your scans over Google Drive or Dropbox.

Notes and info:

    • I need full, uncut rolls of film
    • Yes I can scan different formats (see table below)
    • I prefer to scan and provide a flat file for you to edit to your liking, but if you would prefer I work with the images to a liking during scanning then please specify

Frame formats:

Selection Description Ratio Usage
135F Full Frame 1.5 Standard 35mm film full-frame photos
135H Half Frame 0.70 For 35mm half-frame photos taken with cameras such as the Olympus Pen
135FP Panoramic 2.73 For 35mm panoramic photos taken with cameras such as the Hasselblad Xpan
135FPS Panoramic Short 2.44 For 35mm short panoramic photos