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Something from an upcoming zine

“I love you, but, because inexplicably I love in you something more than you - the object petit a - I mutilate you.”

(Lacan, 2004, p. 263)

Shtprnt#002 Fables

I wrote some stories over 3 days in summer. They are largely idiotic. More images to come...

Format: 4 zines, A3 with 3 colour print to one side and a cover. Packed into sandwich bags because they fit.

Shtprnt#001 The Bad Boys of Amsterdam

After months of research in spare time, task avoidance and procrastination. I made a zine. It documents 10 people who have streets named after them in Amsterdam. And shares information on their links to genocide, colonialism and slavery.

Risoprinted in two colours (burgundy and fluor orange), with 16 100gsm pages and a pretty 200gsm cover masked with tracing paper to keep the fingers from getting grubby on the ink.

Available currently at Het Fort van Sjakoo on Jodenreestraat or Athenaeum Boekhandel on Spui, Amsterdam for only 600 euro cents.

Now I need ideas for my next big project.